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Thermalling Course

Thermalling Course

The mild and super-consistent weather of the Pokhara valley provide excellent conditions for all levels of pilot. From beginner through to cross country hounds, search Nepal has it all.

Often the most crucial part of any pilots training is immediately after they have qualified and have to fly outside of the school environment. This can seem daunting especially as the new pilot often has to deal with unfamiliar conditions, such as thermals. A lot of pilots are not trained in school to fly in thermic conditions and need extra instruction.

Sunrise Paragliding offers this course for pilots looking to improve the necessary skills and decisions that give you the best chance of soaring away from the familiar environment of the ridge to the freedom of the open skies.


Course: 3 days
Price: £250 (All transport and radios provided.)


This course is an introduction to thermal flying with the objective of improving the pilot’s knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the lift on any given day.

DAY 01: Meet in the office for equipment and radio check. After assessing the conditions we head out for the flying site. Theory lesson on the hill in understanding thermal sources, triggers and dynamics. This involves watching lots of birds of prey. Briefing for the days flying. The instructor will guide you with 2-way radio from the hill in finding, catching and staying in thermals. Depending on how long your flight is we try for 2 flights a day.

DAY 02: Meet in the office for equipment and radio check. After assessing the conditions we head out for the days flying site. Following on from the previous day we try and keep you in the air as long as possible. The longer you are up the more you are learning.

DAY 03: We try and take you to a different site each day to improve you knowledge and assessment of varying conditions. The last day of the course we try and get you to follow the instructor around the sky. We have found that it is a lot easier to get to cloud base with someone else in the thermal with you, talking you through the process. At the end of each day is a debriefing session, where everyone can sit down and talk about the days flying.