Sunrise Paragliding

Arco & SIV Course

Arco & SIV Course

Course: 3 days
Price: £290 (all transport and radios provided)

The following list of equipment is needed for the SIV and Acro courses. Safety information concerning how we run our courses and what you can expect from a typical day.


  • Glider in good condition, ask all equipment is checked by the instructor before the course.
  • Reserve, a repack session the night before the course starts showing you how to pack your own reserve.
  • Harness in good condition, with back protection removed, and any airbags disabled.
  • No flying instruments.
  • We provide life jacket.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Radio with waterproof bag. (we provide the bag).
  • Minimum CP rating.
  • In good health, no medical problems.
  • Be able to swim.


We have attached another sheet detailing the various exercises, but below we describe how we run our courses.

    • Each course is run by 2 instructors, 1 at launch and the other at the landing who guides you through the various exercises over the radio.
    • Every flight is videoed for the night’s debriefing session. This is an extremely important aspect of the course.
    • A typical day will have 3-4 flights.
    • Minimum height over the lake is 250m, average height 500m, good height 1000m
    • All exercises will take place over an imaginary cylinder over the water. This is far enough upwind of the landing that in case of a reserve deployment you do not drift over land.
    • There will be a safety boat with 3 people at all times able to retrieve you quickly.
    • The meeting the night before the course starts is where all reserves will be repacked. The instructor will do this with the pilots help. An increased understanding of how your equipment works leads to increased confidence.
    • During the same meeting all wings will be checked for airworthiness for the course.
    • The instructor will sit down with each pilot individually to discuss what their expectations are and what they want to achieve during the course. This forms the basis for the series of exercises the pilot will perform.
    • At each morning briefing the instructor will describe each manoeuvre to the pilots that they will perform that day.
    • As pilots progress at different speeds they will be performing different exercises during a flight.
    • An exercise sheet is filled out after each flight by the instructor for each pilot; this along with the day’s video is the basis for the nights debriefing session.
    • To do the Acro course it is necessary to have completed a SIV course first.
    • Most manoeuvres in an Acro course of 3 days will be beyond most pilots’ skills.
    • Depending on their level, the focus for most beginner Acro pilots is to improve their wingovers so that they are able to loop, SAT, Asymmetric spiral and full stall confidently at various speeds. These manoeuvres are the basis for all other Acro moves. Once mastered then the harder moves can be attempted.
    • Each course will run for a minimum of 4 pilots and a maximum of 8.