Sunrise Paragliding


Biginners Course

Paragliding is the purest form of flying. By using the elements and rising currents of warm air, view we can stay aloft for many hours and travel big distance. This simple aircraft fits easily into a rucksack and weights about 10kg.

Sunrise Paragliding offers 3 STAGES if flying course for BEGINNERS. We follow the Para -Pro syllabus which is setup by the Federation of Aeronautic International (FAI) the governing body for all air sports worldwide. All our instructors are highly experienced and form a complete professional team.

During all our courses you will be under careful instruction using two=way radios. Building upon each successfully completed task you quickly progress to higher and longer flights. Due to the exceptional weather conditions in Nepal, we can complete the course needed to get your paragliding license far quicker than in less predictable climates. The satisfaction of controlling your own aircraft by harnessing the elements is enormous. In Nepal the flying is made even more fun by the continuous presence
of numerous species of eagle, vulture, falcon, hawk and kite. They all love to join us, equally fascinated by us as we are by them. You will often be flying within feet of the glider!


Thermalling Course

The mild and super-consistent weather of the Pokhara valley provide excellent conditions for all levels of pilot. From beginner through to cross country hounds, search Nepal has it all.

Often the most crucial part of any pilots training is immediately after they have qualified and have to fly outside of the school environment. This can seem daunting especially as the new pilot often has to deal with unfamiliar conditions, such as thermals. A lot of pilots are not trained in school to fly in thermic conditions and need extra instruction. Sunrise Paragliding offers this course for pilots looking to improve the necessary skills and decisions that give you the best chance of soaring away from the familiar environment of the ridge to the freedom of the open skies.


Cross Country Course

Course: 3 days
Price: £250 (All transport and radios provided)

This follows on from the thermalling course, as pilots master the skills of ridge soaring and turn their attention to thermal flying, the focus leads to cross country flight. The challenge and adventure of flying in unfamiliar surroundings is unbeatable. However, flying in the mountains requires a more advanced flying technique. This 3 day course aims to give an introduction to mountain flying with the objective of looking at the necessary skills and decisions that give us the best chance of thermalling away from the familiar environment of the ridge to the freedom of the open skies.


Arco & Siv Course

Course: 3 days
Price: £290 (all transport and radios provided)

The following list of equipment is needed for the SIV and ACRO courses. Safety information concerning how we run our courses and what you can expect from a typical day.



  • Glider in good condition, ask all equipment is checked by the instructor before the course.
  • Reserve, a repack session the night before the course starts showing you how to pack your own reserve.
  • Harness in good condition, with back protection removed, and any airbags disabled.
  • No flying instruments.
  • We provide life jacket.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Radio with waterproof bag. (we provide the bag).



  • Minimum CP rating.
  • In good health, no medical problems.
  • Be able to swim.