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As the first Nepali paragliding pilot, Rajesh feels blessed to have been able to spend his life learning, promoting and progressing this incredible sport. As Managing Director of Sunrise Paragliding and the current president of the Nepal Air sports Association (NAA) he is dedicated to ensuring that the future of paragliding here in Nepal is a positive one. We are seeing more and more pilots arrive every year, as well as more local pilots earning their own wings. The pilot population is growing rapidly, and Rajesh’s spirit is to ensure that the facilities for proper training, equipment, and infrastructure are in place so the sport can be enjoyed in this Himalayan Kingdom for years to come.



She is the wife of Rajesh and first female paragliding pilot of Nepal. At the time when a Nepali woman becoming a paragliding pilot seemed like an abnormal idea. It was her challenge to prove women are as strong and as good as men. That fact motivated her to choose the profession that was often considered as synonymous to danger and men. Trisha is taking care of the office and the individual needs of our clients. With all her experience she is a great resource for any questions you have, so don’t hesitate to ask!


His vocation began when he saw for the first time a paragliding wing in Pokhara, the place where he grew up. He started taking classes 13 years ago and became during his career two times Nepali champion. Binod is passionate about flying and he is always looking for new sights to fly. As a nature lover his motto is “simplicity of life”.


He picked up a paraglider for the first time in 2006 and discovered his love was flying. His skills include all facets of Paragliding and he completed his Tandem Paragliding license already 7 years ago. For him it’s a honor to share the sport with people from all over the world.


Already as a kid he loved to be out in the nature, doing outdoor activities. In 2005 his attention turned up towards the sky, paragliding. During the beginner course he already knew, it’s not just going to be a new hobby but a lot more. Robin became as well as Binod and Rajesh two times Nepali Champion.


is a young and talented prospect and one of the upcoming Paragliding stars of Nepal. He calls it his life purpose and is constantly extending his
own and the sport’s limits. At the same time he is open to other
sports and activities to feed his hunger for new challenges…



With over 25 years of experience, Herve is an great instructor and his genuine love for flight is obvious from the first time you hear him speak about his passion. Originally from France, he calls Pokhara home now and is still holding Nepals altitude record with 7071m flying over Fishtail Mountain in November 2014.


has been flying since 6 years now. Soon after discovering paragliding he quickly developed a great interest and enthusiasm for the sport. Maan is committed to providing guests with a remarkable experience whether it be a mind blowing flight to the cloud base or a mellow cruiser.